Hi my name is Per!

I enjoy life with my love and our two sons. Travel, music, photography, HBO shows & family is where my heart is. I am just a small town girl (boy) from south of Sweden, living in Kristianstad.

My passion for photography started by accident when I one day took a camera with me to a music concert, it was love at first sight!

Things evolved and I started shooting concerts for a picture agency and press. If someone told me I would later be a wedding photographer I wouldn't ever believed it.

My first idea of wedding photography was that it was very cheesy but when I one day got the question to document a wedding for a friend I realized I could do it my own way.


So why my passion for wedding photography?

My love for weddings is not specifically about rings or dresses. Instead I am very passionate about the stories, moments and some cheese-free portraits.

I want to capture a feeling, something that feels authentic rather than just a pretty picture. The love between family & friends as well as the couple. Doing my best to be a fly on the wall during the day and capturing the stuff that matters - real moments!

A wedding is an adventure for me and if you feel the same - lets talk & and get the adventure going!

It all starts with an email, so check my availability  for your wedding date here Contact